Discovering the ADV Life!

I have been mentally thrashing my self for being absolutely lazy and not getting down to writing business again. But what can I say? The feeling of riding a new motorcycle, an ADV, an Indian ADV, just teleported me into another world. A world ruled by the Gods of Mountains and Wilderness, governed by the King of forests, and inhabited by the people of dirt.

When I made the decision to switch from a Sports Tourer to an Adventure Tourer, I thought life was headed towards easy pie. I was absolutely mistaken! Riding off-roads is definitely not an easy task. More often than not, it requires a lot more skills than riding on tarmac. I think I am going to enjoy this for a very long time to come. I have always wanted a motorcycle that can go just about everywhere. The Himalayan has given me that freedom. Its not trouble free but definitely worth all of those wrench hours. And I also think I made a great call trying to get my skills right on a small bike. Its going to pave the way towards riding bigger ADV’s, that for a short fellow like me are absolutely intimidating.

Out and About!

Soon after bringing home the Himalayan, I was able to go watch some guys get trained at the Great Trail Adventure, a training academy by distinguished riders for riders. Watching them learn throttle control techniques, jump obstacles, power slide on their huge Triumph Tigers, BMW GS’s and many more was a rather exhilarating experience. I wasn’t able to participate due to prior work commitments and have been kicking my self about it.

Ever since GTA, all I simply did was, to watch off road riding tutorials on YouTube. I knew I wasn’t someone who wanted to take it easy, I wanted to get out there and go flat out! But what if I am riding alone and crash? What if I bend the rims? What if I the motorcycle gets an oil leak in the middle of no where? And then the awesomest thought daunted upon me in a rather sarcastic tone “Just forget that crap and get out there and ride!”

It was a rather pleasant Sunday morning, given the temperatures we have been coping with. The initial plan was to head out Bhavali Dam, which is located a little further away from Kasar Ghat. But a delayed start, changed the plan and we instead rode down to one of our more frequented locations, Tansa Lake! Located in Athgaon, at a distance of approximately 25 kms from Shahpur in Mahrashtra, this lake is part of larger Tansa Wild Life Sanctuary. Beside all the wonderful bio diversity of flora and fauna its an absolute play ground for motorcycles, with some good trails leading to an open meadow like ground which during the monsoons are the part of the vast lake.

Nuff Said! Here are some glimpses of what the day was like!


The mandatory line them up pic!
The place has brilliant parking spots!
Tansa 3-01
Go flat out in just about any direction!
Tansa 4-01
These trails will always make you come back for more
Tansa 4-0001-01
Plenty of good tarmac to burn some rubber!
And good corners too!


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